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tv   News  ABC  December 16, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EST

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with chilly temperatures that fall. check out the latest numbers and showing us 33 degrees on the thermostat with 34 in easton and basically low 30s with winds crocked down in the 20s. what it feels like here. had some flurries. maybe a flake or so on the north side. as you can see clouds clipping the northern fringe and cecil county and through caroll county that's outside of the beltway. and we'll call it partly cloudy. we have traffic tracker. >> it is moving well as you make your way around 695 and as you head to the tunnel. the debris and it has been cleared. we have a new issue where the
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debris is looking the lane. and we're looking good around the area. the expressway is checking in. as we look here as you cross the bridge traffic is very light. back to you. >> a update we told you about at 11, a second suspect is trying to avoid officers at this hour. police say this started in the 9000 block and linda so has video from 11. linda. >> people living in the area were told to stay inside as the police search for an armed intruder. the latest information is that the police are looking for that suspect who is believed to be shot during the home invasion. we have new video from the scene. investigators say a man came home at around 10:30 and found two gunmen inside his home. he shot both of them. they were taken to the hospital the second took off.
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a chopper looked for the shooter. there is no word on the first suspect's condition. the homeowner was not hurt. coming up in the next 15 minutes, the challenge that the police faced n the. the studio, linda so. and police say that routine dna samples from a drug suspect have tied him to a pair of rapes. the 22-year-old darnell williams is suspected gang member will be charged with a sexual assault of a woman that occurred on north pulaski street this year. now police say his dna researched fred another rape which occurred two years earlier. >> in this case, which is disturbing, the suspect raped a young female, they happened during the day time on streets near a school. police suspect bill yam -- williams was a member of a gang
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called the purple city gang which is tied to drug activity and violence in the area. 5:33 now. police want to catch the crook or crooks who decided to paint obscene graffiti outside of a school. they found it was spray painted on the outside of the school in laurel. they say that it happened sometime over the weekend. anyone with information is urged to call this number 410- 313-stop. police are offering a $300 reward this morning. a similar incident in howard county. its that 315 year olds with painting a high school where they attended the school with a racist graffiti dry. drying -- destroying property. they took place december 5th. they think they broke in through a side window of a trailer to get in. investigators have gotten everything back from the stolen property. you know within you think of
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the economy does the word sexy or energy efficient come to mind? for the president it does. , here is what is sexy about is saving money. think about it this way if you haven't upgraded your home yet, it's not heat or cool air that's escaping it is energy and money that you are wasting. >> and the president here at home depot in virginia yesterday he wants congress to approve some incentives for those who make their homes more efficient, energy efficient, this is part of a discussion exploring the number of jobs created in the green sector and the president said since the start of the recession, 7 million americans have lost their ons. the rate remains at 10%. and speaking of jobs let's go where the mayor has ordered a hiring freeze effective immediately with the exception of police and fire personnel. the city finance director estimates that it will save up to $300,000 in the current
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fiscal year. >> there is good news coming to baltimore. bmw will start shipping out 50,000 vehicle as year to the port of baltimore. that provide as boost to the port's auto shipping business which had been lagging as the recession hit car makers hard. it says that it will make it shipping to the central united states cheaper and faster. this he did the shipping through charleston in south carolina but moved it to baltimore to be closer to their headquarters. it was like clint eastwood's piece of machinery in the dirty harry movies u a police involved shooting in baltimore, i'm sherrie johnson, what experts say about the suspect's firearm. how the ravens got into the spirit. work, school, wherever you are going how the weather will be.
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if your car is outside give it time to warm up a bit. 33 now, winds out of the west. and the 25-degree wind chill here. more coming up. let's go to the mta with mark jones. >> the commute is a good one out on the rail services. the trains operating on time. and light rail and subway look good. and look for 590 to be diverted. using bel air instead of madison and look for the number 4 to be diverted in middle river at middle river and pulaski a water main break repair. (announcer) the sinus triple threat.
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welcome back. now the weather with justin berk. sometimes when i talk i have to compete. we're looking at them dropping and this is just over the course of every five to ten minutes. 30 in towson and it is 38 in stevensville you are protected by the warmer bay. we're dropping to 31 in westminster with wind chills in
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most places dipping into the 20s when the wind is blowing through. we have clouds on the north side, flurries and showers deep into pennsylvania. we should remain dry. partly cloudy. and then turning sunny and windy and cold. a guarantee on a low end at 39. the winds will make it feel like the middle 20s. let's see what is happening here is more. >> thank you. and traffic looks good at this hour we don't have any incidents or accidents at the time to let you know about. 695 is moving on the inner and outer loop. as you make your way out to the boulevard area and 895 and the split. looking nice there right lane is blocked. no problems to the left. we look at the expressway, traffic is great. back to you. >> thank you, kim.
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20 minutes out the door. crime tape and a chopper after shots are fired in a baltimore county neighborhood, they were fired at a man who made a startling discovery. the late of the on the search for the missing gunman.
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5:43. if you live or macdonald road
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you can go about your business and leave the house that was not the case a few hours ago. let's go where a home invasion led to gunshots. and linda so is working the story for us this morning. >> the police say a man came home to find two gunmen inside but it was not the suspects who opened fire. we have new video and investigators say the man came home at around 10:30 here on the drive. he shot both of the intruders. one was taken to the hospital by med vac, the suspect took off. people were told to stay inside their homes as police roped off part of the neighborhood to look for the missing gunman. >> there is a challenge but our officers are very experienced and handling the screens and our officers are very familiar with the area. >> now, the latest information is that the police are looking for the suspect who was believed to be shot during the home invasion. there is to word on the first suspect as condition or if the
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home was targeted. the owner was not hurt. in the studio, linda so, abc 2 news. another story, two tkw- bgtives encount area man who pulled out a large gun on them and things turn ugly. sherrie johnson is here to tell us what happened. >> reporter: a suspect is dead after police say he fired a big gun at them in baltimore. two detectives weres having the man specks with a string of armed robberies. they followed them a meeting with his probation officer. and the man approached him, believe says they fired back killing the suspect. he had a 46 caliber smith and wesson, like you sea here. it is not a gun you hear about on the streets because it is expensive, heavy and difficult to use. it is used for hunting. percent says without proper training it is not accurate and so big that it is hard to fire
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more than once. >> perhaps you know, in a sense, i mean the fact that it was preventing him from shooting someone with it. >> reporter: the suspect was 39 years old, splice not released his name. officers say that the suspect had a criminal record that involved gun violence. live in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >> thank you. all new here, admire mike mullen is of can didn't that the white house will achieve the goal of getting troops to afghanistan by august. and now on monday the second highest ranking general in afghanistan said it would take 11 months to finish off the deployment. back here democratic leaders are trying to lock up the votes to push through a health care overhaul. and one holdout is ben nelson.
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>> the forecast certified most accurate. we calculate it down into the 20s. teens north and west. and we're on the edge of a cloud line that is clipping it and county and boarderring the line. and that we have the blasts and the air is coming off the great lakes and squeezes out moisture then they break apart once you head near and south of baltimore. clear to the south more to the north. it will take the phreufrpbs between the forecast and depending on where you are watching from. the cold air in place now, and the cold air in the great lakes. check out the while we watch our 33, 19 in detroit.
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one in minneapolis and 18 below at initial falls. now we compete that. look at this. 28 below. that's a brutal morning. plakes 25 above feel great. >> wind chills may stay in the 20s, the 30s. the them owe meet ser 39 this afternoon. i'm staying on the low end of the guarantee. we're stuck in the 30s. we'll ground to 26. breezy and chilly. tomorrow sunny day. less wind breezy and 38. a look into the weekend. we have 37 on friday. saturday, sunday. midto lower 30s. a chance of light snow building in. a storm that may stay to the it may generate something by thend of the weekend. let's see what is happening on the roads. >> coming out of owings mills 795 are wide open traffic is moving intoisly as you approach
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the wealthway and traffic is great around 695 on the inner and outer loop. tunnels are nice and on the parkway. we're getting reports of an object on the westbound span of the bay bridge. traffic is able to get by that easily. this will be beyond the sky ramping reports of an object in the roadway. be wail as we have some hazards out there. and getting on and off no problem. traffic is quiet. back to you. >> and 5:49. ray lewis and mark clayton joined up with the mayor for the gift marketplace. more than 200 children were invoted to shop for gifts for both themselves and their family members. >> if they thought the pressure of sunday afternoon was intense. the ravens ma i have found some
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new. and look we love you guys but after hearing this stick to your day job. take a listen at what don harrison captured for us. >> they do so much. this is great for everyone to come out and donate. turks is a great time tonight, man. we had a blast. >> they are having a good time. >> they are shot. they have great voices.
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>> , they can stay on the field, i can sing better than them. oh... >> they love that. >> we have done more stories on them singing. [ laughter ] >> derek should be showing up here later on to sing some more. [ laughter ] >> he plays every wednesday morning. >> he does. and lorenzo neil from last year. he could -- comake a difference. really. of course the players performed to raise money for
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charities. >> remember the ravens host the bears on sunday at 1:00. all right n case you didn't know, barbie really does live happily ever after. coming up. prosecutors want a detainee to face trial.
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were you a barbie girl. >> yes. >> many are get. getting an early present. she is donating over 600 barbies to schools in the florida area. that's huge. the children there could not be happier. >> i get to play with it. we like to dress them up and comb their hair. >> gail collected every barbie
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that you can imagine. it comes with a short story about who she is and what she likes to do. and a lot of shopping in a date with ken. she has fond memories. >> that's a nice thing to do, you can sell those and get a lot of money. >> that's great. look at the weather then start the 6:00 news. >> and nice and plastic is fantastic. >> are you quoting i'm a barbie girl. >> you said you were, you were quoting the song. >> that's bad. >> you better toss now before you loose. lose your man hood. >> 39 degrees right now. this afternoon with the wind making it feel like the 20s. we'll drop and for tomorrow and friday and saturday you got me all flustered. we're expecting light snow. and we'll talk more about that. we have another hour coming up.
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videotape and reaction who police are looking for at this hour. he had a gun and so did the police. ending the fron. confrontation and the criminal record of the suspect. 31million americans women have health insurance. >> senators reach a critical juncture and the senator who could be the deciding factor. good morning, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. middle of the week. >> here is justin berk with the weather. and good morning to you. we'll take you out and show you temperatures in the neighborhood or nearby neighborhood on the weather


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